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About St.Agnes 



St. Agnes School, Kharagpur started in January1951, is an English medium school administered by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel. It is a Catholic School registered under the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society of West Bengal. It is also under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Calcutta.


A Catholic School is a learning community which has Christ as its central motivational force. His values as expressed in the Beatitudes are summed up in the virtues of love, sincerity, justice and freedom which permeate the ethos of the school.


The school was recognized by the Educational Department of the Government of West Bengal, Primary School in 1953, Govt. order No.4921. Edn - dated15/16th June 1953, Higher Secondary School in 1967, Order No.1795 Edn –M dated 6th Sept., 1967.


Our motto and firm belief at St. Agnes School, Kharagpur that if we are rooted in God, we can transform our own selves and this in turn will help others to transform themselves.


The prime concern of an institution is the overall development of a child. Keeping this challenge in mind, we focus on the potentials of a child and nurture and nourish them not only for academic excellence but also to develop the child physically and socially. Apart from the curriculum which is based as directed by the ICSE COUNCIL there are other areas in which the children are trained to keep pace and act wisely in the fast changing world.

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