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 "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."


The students of the Nursery, K G I & K G II class are trained to be sociable and amiable in keeping pace with the present scenario.


Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system has been followed in these sections. The assessments are conducted periodically but without prior notice and the absentees are given chance later.  This is done to free the children of examination pressure at that tender age.


The Play Way Method is followed at the Pre-Primary level. They are also taken daily to Children’s Park in the campus. Outdoor activities are given prime importance to enable them enjoy their childhood.


The students of the Nursery department are taught to be self dependent and acquire the basic etiquettes of life. They are introduced to the English Alphabet, single digit numbers and initiated into writing skills. They are also taught to recite meaningful rhymes.


The K G I students are taught to write the alphabet correctly using cursive writing style. The Numbers 1 to 50 is taught at this point. They are also taught to frame words using the letters of the alphabet. The recitation of rhymes and other basic etiquettes and morals are taught through fairy tales in the form of cartoons, short stories etc.


When the students reach K G II they are taught to make short sentences and with this we introduce them to speaking skills. They are able to communicate in English by the time they complete their K G II and ready to start their Primary education.

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