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Discipline :-

Class leader/Asst. Class leader/House leader who bring their classes to the Library are responsible for disciplining their students.If one of these students exhibit behaviors that is not appropriate, they will receive a verbal reminder. If the behaviour continues,then the student will be sent back to his or her class-teacher,That`s why , all the students are requested to speak softly and maintain discipline of the school.


Library Policies,Rules & Regulations :-


General Rules :-

  1. The Library is mainly for research,making notes from reference books.Eating,Sleeping and group problem solving are not allowed.
  2. Upon entering the library,Students should have their School IDs.
  3. Silence,Cleanliness and Orderliness must be observed strictly at all times.
  4. Chairs must be pushed back against the table after using and must be transferred from one place to another.
  5. General References, Encyclopaedias,Dictionaries,Journals/Periodicals should be read within the Library itself
  6. Books should not be left on the table after use.
  7. Before leaving the Library , all students have to come must to the Librarian`s desk for Security check.


Overdue,Lost Material & Fines :-

  1. The Library is not liable for any loss that may occur.
  2. Books have to be returned to the Library according to the time and the day fixed for each class.
  3. Books may be reissued if anyone needs it but as first he/she has to inform the Librarian on  the fixed returning date with the book.
  4. After that, If the book is overdue, then the fine is computed and collected. if the fine is not paid within 3 days, the account is recorded on the library record, the Student cannot borrow books unless the account is settled.
  5. Damaged/Lost books must be reported immediately to the Library and to be replaced or to be paid within 15 days to the Librarian. 
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