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Admission & Withdrawl


a) The classes in school are from Nursery to class XII. Information regarding admission to Nursery is published on the notice board by October.
b) After the completion of Preparatory (Nursery to KG II) every student will have to apply for re-admission into class I. This is only for those who are already given admission either in Nursery, KG I or KG II.
c) New candidates must be introduced personally by their parents/guardians who will be responsible to the Principal for their conduct and fees.
d) The admission form must be filled in with the utmost possible accuracy. Authentic birth certificate should be produced.
e) A candidate who applies for KG II and above should have a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended; it should be of a Recognized School.
f) Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar month’s notice is to be given and the next term fees and annual fees in lieu of notice.
g) No School Leaving Certificate will be issued until all dues have been paid in full and, only on receipt of a written application from the parent or guardian.
h) A fee of Rs. 150/- will be charged for the Transfer Certificate.


Examination and Promotion:

a) The progress of a pupil is judged in various ways such as class work, home work, class tests & viva, project work, assessments and examinations.
b) There will be two terminal examinations and two unit tests for all the classes. Classes IX to XII are prepared very intensely for their Board Examination. Therefore three examinations are conducted for them.
c) Promotion to the next class will depend on the aggregate of all the marks obtained in the terminal examinations and unit tests. There will be final Terminal Examination for class I –IV. However class tests, unit tests and project work will be conducted throughout the year to evaluate a child’s progress.
d) No examination will be proponed or postponed for the absent students during the examination. While realizing the importance of every examination, parents are requested not to send their children to school when they are ill or recovering from illness. Parents failing to abide by this clause, the evaluation of students concerned will not be done.
e) English being the medium of instruction, no student failing in it, will be promoted to a higher class.
f) For KG I and II, tests are conducted every week or fortnight. Parents are requested to co-operate by sending their wards regularly to school.
g) Tuitions are to be discouraged at all levels especially in the lower classes.
h) No child will absent herself on the previous day of the examination without a medical certificate.
i) A pupil who misses an examination/test may not appeal for re-examination/re-test at a later date.

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